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ABRSM Piano apps!

7 months ago

ABRSM now has a full range of apps to help pianists practise all the elements of their exam, including the pieces, scales, sight-reading, aural and theory.

Piano Practice Partner

Make practising pieces for ABRSM exams more musical, enjoyable and rewarding. Piano Practice Partner allows learners to practise one hand while the app plays the other. Learners can also slow the pieces down without changing the pitch. Perfect for practising tricky sections.

Sight-Reading Trainer

Help learners be smart about how they practise sight-reading. Sight-Reading Trainer enables learners to develop the skills to quickly spot the key features, patterns and characteristics in music before they play it. By working through a series of fun games, learners can unlock 155 brand new pieces of music.

Aural Trainer

Through a series of interactive challenges, learners can learn to identify and describe musical features and differences quickly and accurately. Aural Trainer covers all the individual elements of ABRSM aural tests including sight–singing and echo tests.

Scales Trainer

Scales Trainer transforms the way learners learn scales and arpeggios for Piano and Violin Grades 1–5. It contains everything they need to develop their learning and appreciation of scales while injecting fun into practice sessions. With all the scales for Grades 1–5 notated in the app, learners can get randomised tests, change the tempo and play along with the Scales Trainer band to make practice musical and fun.

Theory Works

Bring music theory to life with fun and engaging challenges at Grades 1–5. Theory Works contains over 6,000 specially-written questions designed to test and challenge music theory knowledge. Whether it's in lessons or sitting on the bus, learners can enjoy practising for their Music Theory exam.

Find out more about our apps and practice tools.


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